Company used CBCA services:

  • Garment and Shoes Factories:

Funded by Li&Fung: Meng Ieng Garment factory Ltd.; Evergreen Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.; Chih Hsing Garment (Cambodia0 Co., Ltd; Colour Apparel Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd; Haitan Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd; Grand Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd; Injae Garment Co., Ltd; LimLine International (Cambodia) garment Co., Ltd; Newwide (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd; Nextou Co.,Ltd.; Perfecta (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd; San Fong International Co., Ltd; Tak Fook (Cambodia) Garment Ltd; U-Knits (Cambodia) Co. Ltd,; and; Zheng Yong Garment Factory Co., Ltd)

Funded by LEVI: Chu Hsing garment; C-square garment; GDM Enterprise; GDM Enterprise branch; Roo Hsing Garment 1 Co., Ltd.

Self-Funded: Gawon Apparel Co., Ltd; Indochine (Cambodia) Co., Ltd; Starlight Apparel Manufacture, Regence Footwear (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.; Quantum Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd; Unipros (Cambodia) Enterprise Co., Ltd; Horse Ware Cambodia; Nan kuang Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd; SHIMANO (CAMBODIA) Co., LTD; Da Rong Printing & Embroidery Co., Ltd; Sabrina,; DongBu Summit factory; and Quantum Clothing Co., Ltd; and TAK SUN Enterprise.

  • Service Company:

DFI Lucky Private Limited; Comin Khmer; Camdis Co., Ltd; EFG (Express Food Group) Co., Ltd; Chevron (Cambodia) Limited; Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca Cola);

  • Entertainment Establishment

New Star KTV

Luxury KTV & Club

Bokor KTV

Kon Taing Bey Restaurant

Pyramid Restaurant (replace Somrors Toeukchhou)

A1 Restaurant

Angkor City Restaurant

Ok happy night Restaurant

Reatrey Punloeuthmey Restaurant

Modern City KTV